1) I am not on Facebook. You will never find me on Facebook. I think that friends are people I hang out with, not people I met in cyberspace. So there.

2) I was on Jeopardy!, two years ago, and I am still dining out on the stories. To answer the common questions: Alex is very nice, but kind of goofy; you pay your own way out there; yes, it's all about the signalling device; Sylvia Plath (the answer in Final Jeopardy)

3) I still can't swim, and I am still foolishly unafraid of the water.

4) Actually, I recently told someone that I'm not afraid of anything. That is a lie: I am deathly afraid of snakes--in a faintable way.

5) I love 80s goth music. I am very happy to lie around, listen to The Cure and feel the sorrow. "Back then", I used a lot of Aqua Net to make my hair stand up.

6) I like going to Presidential Birthplaces and State Capitols. I always take the tour; I'm actually interested!

7) One of my favorite books is MY LIFE AND HARD TIMES by James Thurber. I think everyone should read it. I give it to people when they turn 40.

8) I did really poorly in college. This is not an exaggeration. You can see the glad relief in my father's eyes in graduation day photos.

9) Some of my friends from college call me "Lunch" because I was always obsessed with eating lunch. I kind of still am.

10) A scary amount of my income goes to clothing.

11) If left to my own devices, I will change my clothes many times over the course of a day, which is actually somewhat Victorian of me.

12) It's heresy but I still love the Brontes more than Jane Austen.

13) It's my unfulfilled (so far) desire to do a trapeze class. I don't know why, because this goes against my innate sense of laziness.

14) I have never belonged to a gym. I doubt I ever will belong to a gym. I even chose my college because it didn't have a gym requirement.

15) I love the dog show. I have been to the Westminister Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden more than once. It's fun because you can go backstage and visit with them. And Vendors sell beer, like at a hockey game.


Blogger Louisa Cornell said:

I read this after a hard day at the DDJ (dreaded day job) and it made me laugh. Thanks. I am completely UNAFRAID of snakes, having owned in the not too distant past about a dozen or so as pets, including a 13 foot - 100 pound python named Big Mama.

I too am unafraid of the water in spite of the fact that I cannot swim a stroke. Went hang gliding off the coast of Spain and neglected to tell my instructor I couldn't swim. My fellow soprano told him as I was sailing out over the ocean. I made it back to the beach just fine.

And I happen to love the Brontes slightly more than I do Jane Austen.

Trapeze class sounds like fun!

9:14 PM  

Blogger Drena said:

I love to swim but only in the shallow end. I also hate snakes. Country music is my turn on, there is nothing better to look at than a cowboy in tight blue jeans walking away. I never finished college, I dropped out because the cowboy was so hot and he asked me to marry him and move. Our daughter is a "Pride and Predjuice" buff but I love the sizzle.

8:39 PM  

Blogger Lori Wilde said:

I am so with you on the Brontes. Love the dark angst.


2:49 PM  

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