This week I have the chance to fulfill my civic duty--which means I'll get up earlier than usual to make my way waaay downtown to a courthouse, where I'll wait to see if I am *lucky* enough to help decide if someone is guilty, beyond reasonable doubt.

My impending service got me thinking about WHY I LOVE ROMANCE NOVELS Reason # 274: Justice is (almost) always served--although perhaps not always under the confines of the law. Sometimes it may not happen until later in a series, but ultimately the greedy, cruel, murder-minded characters get their (often creative) just-desserts, and the innocent, wrongly accused are set free--and generally come out of the ordeal with fortune on their side.

For example, I particularly appreciated the suffering Suzanne Enoch doles out for her truly detestable villain in ALWAYS A SCOUNDREL, but I also love how Loretta Chase handles the fate of the wrong doers in DON'T TEMPT ME. If only the injustices of our world were handled so aptly and to such satisfying result. (although I suppose a democratic system of impartial jurors is nothing to sniff at...)

Any particularly satisfying comeuppances come to mind? Or am I wrong, is there an exception I am forgetting?


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I'm with you, i agree that out out there, the chances of getting justice is not nearly as efficient as in the romance world. And the best part is that you would always know that the innocent will always get justice.
You gave me an idea: list of reasons why i like Romance Books

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