Now this may sound a little conceited but I like my name. I especially like my name when it is in books.

I don’t know what it is, but it’s a lot of fun to see your name in print, even when it’s not about you. And, recently, I’ve been reading a bunch of books that have made liberal use of the name Tessa.

Generally, Tessas are a young child or, in historicals, someone’s ward. Although I did just read a book (that was not an Avon book) where the super, super evil step-mother or sister-in-law was named Tessa. In that case, I didn’t like it as much. Of course, I can’t remember what it was called--virtual hugs to anyone who can tell me what it was called because I can’t remember. I hear (through my Facebook stalking of her) that Jenna Petersen’s next book will have a lovely spinster sister named Tessa.

But we do have a book coming out in March--a re-release of an old Karen Ranney--where the HEROINE is named Tessa. I liked that very much. Also, the new cover is gorgeous, so I can imagine that I would have looked exactly like that, had I lived in Regency England.

If you dream of having YOUR name in a book, too, I’m here to grant your wish. Well, actually, one of my favorite authors Jaime Rush will do the actual granting. CLICK HERE and get your name in her next Offspring book.

While you’re at it, pick up the first two books in the Offspring series.


Anonymous Ali said:

I love seeing both my name or nickname in books... and it's definitely much better if it's the heroines name :)


11:59 AM  

Blogger ESI said:

You don't think you're the evil sister in law? Really?

10:38 AM  

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