Of Lords and Ladies and Unicorns

Just in case you were worried that we high and lofty editors are sitting in our offices, wearing all black, being totally chic and cool all the time, I’m here to dispel that myth--lovely though it is.

On Sunday, three of your trusty Avon editors (I’m not going to give you their names nor will I admit that I was one of them but they may rhyme with Shmamanda, Besi, Messa) took a trip uptown to the 25th annual Medieval Festival. And, we were uber-nerds about it!

We saw Jousting (although Esi wouldn’t let me sit on her shoulders, so I was a little too short to really see everything) and Blacksmithing--and even caught a glimpse of Robin Hood (who was not nearly as cute as the Sheriff of Nottingham...unlike some other Robin Hoods I could name.) We also saw a Unicorn!

Normally, I’m not a huge medieval romance fan. Not that I don’t love any sort of great romance but, for some reason, I’m more likely to ignore the fact that hygiene wasn’t so great in Regency England than I am to believe that heroines like to cozy up to big brawny knights and share a plate with their dirty, dirty knight fingers! Although, after the fair, I have to say that all I wanted was one of those gigantic turkey legs (seriously the size of my head) to gnaw on--so maybe I’ve got a little of the barbarian in me after all!

Margo Maguire used to write medieval romances but her newest TAKEN BY THE LAIRD is actually a slight departure. But trust me, even those who love them some knights in shining armor will fall for this book!


Anonymous Anonymous said:

I love that you girls did this. Coming to check now whether you are wearing black and being chic sipping coffee, whether you are or not, you Tessa are cool alllllllllllll the time.


12:22 PM  

Blogger Christopher S. Ledbetter said:

That's way cool. I bet you all had a great time. I can certainly see where the hygiene thing might throw you a bit... but romance is romance. But, even better... romance in Ancient Greece... now that's where it's at!!

11:18 PM  

Blogger joy said:

I'm sad I missed this. I found out about it...Monday morning. Argh. Oh well. There's always next year. Glad you three had fun, though!

2:30 AM  

Blogger ESI said:

I should point out that sadly, this fell on the same day as the Pickle Festival. Clearly next year we're going to have to plan better.

10:39 AM  

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