Okay, I’m not blogging about a romance, but I LOVE this book. Does that count??

Every once in a while, a really special book comes along and for me, this is the latest. THE BOY WHO HARNESSED THE WIND by William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer is the remarkable story of a fourteen-year-old boy in Malawi, Africa whose family’s poverty inspired him to great achievement.

Lacking enough money to pay for school, William had to drop out. He then began to spend time at a nearby library, where he saw a picture of a windmill in a book and decided that he would build one himself--from blue gum trees, spare tractor parts, and other scraps--to provide electricity for his family. Not able to read much of the English descriptions, William scoured the photograph and all of the diagrams associated with it, and used his ingenuity, creativity, and intelligence to accomplish this remarkable feat.

News of William’s windmill spread through neighboring villages and, after calling him crazy, people came to see this feat of engineering. Journalists came, too, and soon this unassuming boy from famine-stricken Africa, who advanced himself from nothing, was given money to return to school and was whisked off to the United States to visit wind farms and to tell his story and inspire not only his fellow Africans but everyone around the globe.

We need more people like this in the world. And we need to share this story. Please read it and tell everyone you know about it. This is the way we make the world a better place for all. Who doesn’t want to feel good about that??

You must also watch this clip from William Kamkwamba’s interview on THE DAILY SHOW WITH JON STEWART. He is 22 years old now and just charming. You will want to help spread the word after you see THIS, I promise you!

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Blogger Maryann Miller said:

That is so neat. I read a news story about this boy and thought he was amazing. Will have to check out the book.

12:09 PM  

Anonymous Lyssa said:

Thank you!! And tell all your friends. He's really quite remarkable.

3:15 PM  

Anonymous Anida Adler said:

Aargh! "Videos are not currently available in your country". Discrimination against English South Africans living in Ireland!

Just kidding... I love Jon Stewart and love seeing him in action. I'm sure I'll be able to watch this later.

As for the book - what an uplifting story.

5:49 AM  

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