As a reader, I'm always fascinated to learn an author's writing method.

Do they outline first, even whole series at a time (like JK Rowling famously did for HARRY POTTER)?

Are they "pantsters," (writing by the seat of your pants), as one of the lovely ladies of the Utah RWA chapter explained to me at a recent conference?

Do they write, edit, throw away, and start again?

When I was much younger, I posted a question to Diana Gabaldon's fan email asking how far ahead she had planned a certain far-reaching plot twist in one of the later books in the Outlander series. Each of her books is just so epochly long, I couldn't imagine how she kept all the details and characters straight without some serious outlining. Never did get an answer though!

So you can imagine my delight, when Carrie pointed out this great article from Friday's Wall Street Journal about several authors and their unique writing practices. And, closing out the list is our very own mystery writer Laura Lipmann! If you're nosy like me, this piece is definitely worth a look.


Anonymous Anonymous said:

I think they don't do it the same way all the time. Sometimes it just flows.


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