I just spent seven days on jury duty. Now, when I got my summons, I was super excited. I've always wanted to be called for jury duty and the few times it happened in the past, I was away at school.

So, after all these years, patiently waiting, it was finally here! Of course, in all of my fantasizing about the joys of jury duty, I forgot that I might have to actually...serve on a jury.

Annoying/scary as it was, I have to say that our justice system is pretty cool. And it works! Plus, the judge was right out of an episode of LAW & ORDER--no-nonsense, witty, and smart. The lawyers were very lawyerly and the cops...well, let's just say the legacy of Lenny Briscoe has nothing to worry about.

Anyway, this all got me thinking about my favorite fictional police officers. Of course, there's the late, great Detective Lenny Briscoe (sidebar: did you all know that Jerry Orbach was a Broadway star? Check him out HERE. The great small-town sheriffs from MURDER, SHE WROTE are hilarious. And, let's not forget Officer Tom Hanson, otherwise known as Johnny Depp's character in 21 JUMP STREET.

My latest favorite is Sheriff Dylan Taber of Gospel, Idaho (and of TRUE CONFESSIONS by Rachel Gibson). I have wanted to live in New York City my whole life and I have no plans of moving, ever. But if all the lawmen in Idaho are like Dylan...I may just have to rethink my life goals.

Any fictional characters you wish would come to life? (No Fitzwilliam Darcys please! Surprise me!)


Blogger Ida Brugler said:

As soon as I read this one popped into mind above all the others. All though i can think of many. FBI agent Joseph Santino (A Silent Fury by Linette Easton) would be one of my top picks.

1:10 PM  

Anonymous MargaretG said:

Well, you beat me to Sheriff Taber. I want to live in Gospel, too.
I can't think of the name of the cop except for his first name was Bobby. He was a detective in New Orleans. His new partner came from LA. She was a cop there & was ostracized for turning in some bad cops. I've read this book several times but darned if I can think of the title or the author right this sec. Bobby was hot. That's all I know. LOL

2:16 PM  

Blogger Keira Soleore said:

Heh! Esi, glad to know that reality matched your dreams. And comparing the cops to Lenny Briscoe is high praise indeed. Next time I get a summons, I'll say I'm outsourcing to you. (That you live in another state is a minor inconvenience.)

5:50 PM  

Blogger Keira Soleore said:

It sez there are three comments and mine was published, but I cannot see it. Are comments moderated or am I just twigged? (No, don't answer that!)

5:52 PM  

Blogger The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said:

Barney Miller was a good tv cop but the fictional characters I wish would come to life is Miss Jean Brodie, from the film The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. She so fantastic.

6:06 PM  

Blogger ESogah said:

Also, any Navy SEAL ever created by Suzanne Brockmann!

10:49 AM  

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