I don’t know how many you of have seen the movie THE PROPOSAL but I would like to take a moment, here and now, to tell you, in no uncertain terms, that publishing is NOTHING like that. Glamorous? Nope. Fancy offices? Nah uh. An author who doesn’t want be on Oprah? Not a chance!

I may get in trouble for this but I’m going to let you, oh dearly beloved Avon Romance Blog readers, in on the dark and sordid side of Romance Publishing.

Did you know that editors don’t just get to spend the day sitting back on tufted couches reading and editing and munching on bonbons? Usually we do most of that stuff at home--well, the reading and editing part at least. The bonbon munching is optional.

Did you know that, in fact, we spend most of the day answering email, answering the phone, and mailing insane numbers of packages? I took this picture the other day. I had completely blocked the doorway to my office! Each time an author’s book is published in a foreign country, we get copies! And, someone has to make sure they get to the authors! That’s where the editors come in.

Did you know that we use Post-It® Notes like they’re going out of style? When I’ve finished editing a book, one side always looks like it’s wearing a grass skirt! My favorite part of the editing process is when I have finished my second go-through and pulled all of the Post-Its®. Though I often find them stuck to other papers for days after!

Did you know that to send the pictures to my computer, so that I could share my pain with you, I had to go stand in a far corner of Carrie’s office and hold my cell phone next to the window? Glamorous, indeed!

Did you know that no one who looks like Ryan Reynolds works at Avon?

Are there any deep dark publishing secrets you’re dying to have debunked? Let me know!


Anonymous carrie said:

I for one am very sad that no one that looks like Ryan Reynolds works at Avon. Or Morrow.

4:37 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

thanks for the fun and entertaining post on your job! really enjoyed seeing the pictures! your desk is still cleaner than mine though!!!

4:37 PM  

Blogger jedisakora said:

I was curious how many times you read through a manuscript? I've always wondered how editors get things to perfection since i find it so hard in may own work for uni.


5:12 PM  

Anonymous Juliana Stone said:

K, I'm a little pissed..I thought that when I finally made the trek to NY to meet you all, I'd get to meet my own Ryan Reynolds...seriously...I'm crushed.....

5:24 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Okay, we may not have Ryan Reynolds, but we've got Shawn, and he's pretty damn dapper. And hopefully not reading this... :)

5:46 PM  

Anonymous Caroline Linden said:

>Did you know that no one who looks like Ryan Reynolds works at Avon?

Well, that's why I'm not in editorial... That and a dreadful Post-It phobia.

10:24 PM  

Blogger ESI said:

Ha! Yay for Shawn, we'd be lost without him. :)

I'll usually read a manuscript twice. It's much easier to work on someone else's writing than it is your own. We agonize over these blog posts!

3:33 PM  

Anonymous Natalie said:

How many scripts do you get and have to reject/not ever read?! I LOVE these books, and am always curious how many don't get published, simply because there are too many great writers out there!

1:39 AM  

Blogger Juliana Stone said:

All right then. When I make it to the big apple I will be on the hunt for Shawn. Better warn him.

9:32 AM  

Blogger Amy J - Book Addict said:

I was wondering, do editors and publishers really loathe working with book bloggers? LOL...I have been fortunate enough to work with wonderful publishers! But I always wondered what they really think when a blogger contacts them! LOL

10:12 PM  

Blogger Finny said:

I heard a published author once say that most of the NY editors are 20-somethings, insanely busy, and walk into the RWA national conference like rock stars (and supposedly get that sort of treatment). I have no idea of this is true and have never attended Nationals, though I do believe the "insanely busy" part. Is the rest (semi? almost? partially?) true?

3:00 AM  

Blogger Christopher S. Ledbetter said:

Thanks for the candid slice of life piece. Despite the messy offices, you all are still rock stars in my book (no pun intended).

11:07 PM  

Blogger Rowena said:

Ooh, post a picture of Shawn! =P What a great post this is, thanks for the little peek into the romance publishing world and I, too am bummed that you guys don't have a Ryan Reynolds running around your office.

8:03 PM  

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