by author Beverly Jenkins

A SECOND HELPING is the latest installment in the series that began with BRING ON BLESSINGS.

Who knew that there could be so much excitement in a small town on the plains of Kansas, or that this same town, founded in the 1880s by freed slaves would still be alive and kicking in the 21st century? Granted, the years in between took their toll, and the town fathers and mothers had to put the town up for sale on eBay, but thanks to the perseverance of its residents and the generosity of heroine Bernadine Brown, Henry Adams is now thriving.

For A SECOND HELPING, new characters were added like Jack James and his Goth acting son, Eli. Bernadine’s adulterous ex-husband Leo shows up, and Rocky Dancer, after divorcing her new husband for wearing her underwear, returns to town to run the newly renovated Dog and Cow, the diner that is the hub of the community.

However, as the book closes, many loose threads remain. Will musical prodigy Zoey Raymond ever speak? Will Bernadine honor Devon’s request to be the town’s preacher? Will the court really put Riley Curry and his clothes wearing hog Cletus on trial for the death of extortionist Morton Prell. As the announcer used to intone on the old radio show: Only the Shadow knows. (Ask your grandparents) J

This series has been a blast to write and, from all the feedback and emails from the readers, it’s been a blast for them as well. Everyone wants to know what’s going to happen next. So, my question to you is: What would you like to see happen in the next installment of this beloved series?


Anonymous Anonymous said:

Ms B, I so much enjoyed this installment of the Blessings series. I especially enjoyed reading more about the children and of coures more history on Henry Adams, Kansas. In the next installment? For sure, Bernadine and Malachi.


8:56 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hi, Ms. Beverly!

I'm looking forward to reading Second Helping this weekend. Thank you so much for your wonderful stories. I love them!



9:01 PM  

Blogger Ms. B said:

you are both very welcome. Thanks. B

9:03 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I finished the other night and loved it!!!! I loved how you focused on each child's progress. I was especially touched by Preston and Amarri's observant eyes in regards to Mrs. Payne. Interesting how the young men got it but took the older Payne a moment to get it.

Devon can preach!!!! Definitely want to see more of that.

For the next installment I would definitely like to see Mal and Bernadine get together. Not real keen on Leo being Henry Adams, but I can deal with it. I would like to see Rocky and the new teacher (forgot his name already)start a romance. Most of all I want to see Mrs. Curry get her man (once again I can't remember his name, either)and he her. Please make bacon of Cletus, the pig is done!!!! Oh, before I forget the more on the hint about Amarri being an actual July.

Thanks for the wonderful story!!!!


9:45 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I stayed up all night reading the book and LOVED it. I loved the updates on the children and how Preston and the Colonel found away to work on being father & son. I hope each of the families have an opportunity to adopt their foster children. The Spirit Quest was a good learning tool that made me think. I liked the idea that other races could exisit in Henry Adams and James is a good addition to the community. Who knew Rocky had a temper like that?!?!?!

The next installment of course should cover Lily and Trent's wedding, but I'd also like - Sheila Payne to come more into her own and find somethng specific she can contribute to the community; the weave to come out of Crysal's hair; and the relationship between Bernadine and Malachi to really grow (not saying they should get married yet - save that for book 4). I don't think Zoey should talk yet; let's see what other things she can bring to their lives first. I would love to find out more about Amari's heritage and I hope that Marie and her mother can reach peace and Marie finds her child, though I'm not sure about Leo's continued presence in Henry Adams.

Either way I can't wait for the next installment.

Laurel, MD

10:41 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Ms. Bev.. ... Excellent
What's next for Henry Adams - Devon becomes the Preacher and connection to Preacher from the Historical; a more mature Cystal without the hair; death of Cletus but someother bizzare animal has to take his place; Trent and Lily marriage and the true identity of Amir (could he be the great grandson of Two-Shafts- hmmmmm ); something special happening for Zoey - a mystery woman to interrupt or caue drama for Bernadine adn Malachi, More from the wildhorse descendents

No matter where the story goes - I'll Love it :-)


10:58 AM  

Blogger Ms. B said:

Loving the comments, ladies. Glad you all enjoyed this installment. Cilla I like the Two Shafts connection. Thanks for coming to play. B

11:16 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The 2nd installment, of the blessings series, A Second Helping is wonderful. The children's progress and feelings of belonging are so touching. I loved the way the town handles their issues and concerns. I love the line "forever and ever, amen," Leo Brown and Miss Marie, hmmm, interesting, but if he is redeemed and become a viable part of Henry Adams, ok, I think Bernadine can handle it and if she gets busy with Malachi, grinning all the time, she can be mad at nobody...
Did I say I loved the book...I found it at my country Walmart and a copy came in from Barnes and Nobles..will be gifted to my girlfriend that introduced me to the wonderful world of Beverly Jenkins!

11:33 AM  

Blogger Ms. B said:

Thanks Anna. B

11:37 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Thanks for this series. I just love the characters and their storylines. Ms. B you are totally awesome and I'm working on the 3rd generation of Beverly Jenkins fans in my family. Peace Gwen

1:03 PM  

Anonymous Wanda said:

Ms. Bev

Loved the book. Would like to know what happened with Marie's baby? Rocky and Jack. Glad Bernadine gave Mal a chance. Loved Cletus and Chocolate's wedding LOL. Glad to see the doing well and growing bigger. Ms. Genny and Clay Dobbs? something going on there. Glad to see the children doing well. Thank you for getting rid of the blonde weave on Crystal LOL now what color will she pick next. Excellent job!!!

Wanda W

1:04 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hey Ms.Bev,

I'm waiting until next week to read my copy of, A Second Helping. I'll be home and can read without my ding dang department head asking me questions he should already know the answers to! Sheesh!

Loved Bring On The Blessings. Already know I'am going to love SH. Looking forward to the rest of the of the series.


1:22 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Sistah Bev,

Another awesome story that had a positive impact on my life. Bernadine, Leo, and Marie's situation was shocking but interesting. I am clearly on Bernadine's side when it comes to Brother Leo, however, forgiveness is a powerful thing and clearly you have painted a beautiful picture on how to accomplish that task. I was happy to see the growth in each of the children especially with their individual family dynamics. Tamar reminds me of my grandmother who loves you unconditionally but will not take not stuff from nobody's children. Thanks for keeping us educated with our POSITIVE black history that did not make it to our state provided history books.

I look forward to reading the next installments with Mal and Bernadine. Rocky is another strong person who deserves love (Jack????) Keep writing and I will certainly keep buying!

Job Well Done,
Chelece, N.California

1:30 PM  

Anonymous AR (Renee) Berger said:

Oooh Ms B!! I can't post an answer until I finish SH! Things keep getting in the way, but I will probably have it finished tonight. I'm halfway through it and just loving it so far. Laughing out loud reading Amari/Preston and Tamar/Eli... Lawdy! But I do agree with the others, time for a pig roast!

1:33 PM  

Blogger Ms. B said:

you ladies are the best. Some interesting scenarios. I pretty much know where I'm going with book 3 but wanted to get your takes as well. Thanks for coming out and playing with me today. B

3:47 PM  

Anonymous Darla said:

Ms B., you have another winner with SH. It does this old heart good to see the children that have seen so much ugliness in life find such love and acceptance. I wished this place really existed for those in need of a Second Helping.

I can even tolerate Leo and Marie's relationship. I believing in redemption and what better place than Henry Adams for it to occur. O' Yea!! Why is Ms. Agnes all of a sudden tripping with Marie? She is much too old to be

Its time for some serious Bernadine and Mal action!!!!

*****!!!! 5 Stars,,LOVED, LOVED, LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!

5:32 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hi Bev,
I haven't read Second Helping but I do plan to begin reading this weekend. I am so loving the comments about the book and you know I know you have done an outstanding job without reading the book. You know what your reader want and you give it to us. Once I am finish reading SH I will leave my comment on the yahoo group and if I am to come back her and leave a comment I will.


7:17 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I loved A Second Helping. I stayed up until 5 in the am reading it the night I received it. My only complaint is that I finished it the first night and now I have to wait for the next issue. I have to say Amari remains one of my favorite characters. He is like a grown man in a little body. In the next installment I want to see if Zoey ever talks, if Crystal will ever remove that blond weave from her head, and who Marie's child is. I laughed, I teared up and then laughed again.

Awesome job Ms. Bev. Eagerly anticipating the next book.

8:10 PM  

Anonymous Melissa Scriven said:

Hey Bev,
How do you continue to make great books over and over? Just finished SH and it was great! I liked seeing the children's progress and Bernadine and Mal's relationship start to develop. How long do we have to wait for book 3?

Melissa in NY

12:32 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Ms. Bev,
LOVED Second Helping! It was continuing the idea of second chances. I was happy to see the growth of the children. Devon and Zoey not waiting on the adults and planning his church service. Amari, Preston and Crystal schooling Eli on what a bad home is really about. Bern & Mal finally getting together. Too many more things to mention. The only problem it wasn't LONG enough...LOL!!

Looking forward to the next book. Gennie letting Riley know how she felt and then she moves on. Maybe Gennie and Sheila Payne will go into business together! Since we have the Julys, Wildhorse and Jeffersons represented in Henry Adams?

Thanks for another awesome visit to Kansas!!!


10:54 AM  

Blogger Ms. B said:

You ladies do my heart good. I believe the next installment is slated for 11, but I'll find out for sure and let you know. What a Blessing you all are! Will love you forever and ever, Amen! B

12:40 PM  

Anonymous Rebekkah said:

I cannot wait to read the newest installment in the BOB series. I loved Bring on the Blessings and I know A Second Helping will be wonderful as well.

Thanks Ms. Bev

12:04 AM  

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