On the Road Again with Jess Michaels

If you are reading this, it means I have survived October.

For most people, surviving October is not a great feat. It's only a month, after all, and with the exception of Halloween, which could be hazardous if you are related to Michael Meyers or something, it's not even a bad month. Most of the time, the weather is passable, it isn't fully cold and flu season, and there are fewer depressing holidays.

Really, October is usually one of my favorite months. The leaves in Illinois change color very nicely, the weather starts to get crisp so I can wear my very cute denim jacket, and there's this lovely smell in the air from fireplaces and dry grass.

But for a while, this month was iffy for me. Why? Well, a few things:

1. I had a book out. Under my other name, Jenna Petersen, but still. If you have never met an author, let me explain that we are all a little...weird, but even more so when we have a book out. I could have injured myself obsessively checking my Amazon numbers (May, stop yelling at me!!). I might have given myself a paper cut while signing stock. You never know.

2. I was touring. I know! Like a total rock star, right? But it isn't all sex, drugs, and rock and roll, people. The road can be tough! It all started in September, technically, but since the last week of last month, I have been to Columbus, OH; Palos Heights, IL; Peoria, IL; Tulsa, OK; Joliet, IL, and, finally Seattle, where I am currently in a hotel (obsessively hitting refresh on my Amazon numbers). I sort of remember what my husband looks like. And I think I have two cats, but that's only an assumption I made from doing some research on the internet. Also, I don't enjoy conference chicken.

3. I am doing revisions. Which are actually...not so bad (but don't tell my editor, I need sympathy...oh, hi May. I didn't see you there). But still, I need love. And chocolate. And Diet Vanilla Coke. And extra chocolate.

4. Oh yeah, I have another book out. This time under my Jess Michaels name. And it hits stores in just two days. EVERYTHING FORBIDDEN is what it is called. You know what is forbidden? Checking your Amazon numbers.

Anyway, as you can see, I have been busy. I admit, I'm looking forward to November! No more travel (except to a family event later in the month), the revisions will be done, I'll get to start a new book and...oh, yeah, I'll have TWO books out!

So what are you looking forward to in November? Is it the holidays? Or the cold weather? Or the fabulous November releases (extra points if you mention EVERYTHING FORBIDDEN)?

Jess Michaels


Blogger Kathryn S said:

Well, I was looking forward to having a book out until you reminded me of how stressful it is! lol.

I'm looking forward to my sister's visit. And I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving. Turkey, baby.

1:34 AM  

Blogger brownone said:

Actually...along with getting Halloween over with (all the candy temptation is killing me here), Thanksgiving, and "The Day After Thanksgiving Shoppingfest", I'm actually looking forward to picking up my copy of "Everything Forbidden". It's among my Excel list of books to be bought (my husband has no clue about said list).

7:33 AM  

Blogger JennaPetersen said:

You would have remembered how stressful it was without my help, Kate! BTW, I was talking you up in Seattle this weekend. Kate Rules.

And brownone, extra points for you for mentioning EVERYTHING FORBIDDEN. You can use these points for... um... I'll think of something later...

12:02 PM  

Blogger Sandra Barkevich said:

Wow! That does sound pretty hectic. I spent October running to and from soccer practice and games for my two little ones as well as dance practice for both of them, one of which takes two different dance classes...I also work the dreaded full-time day job. And I don't know how, but I actually got some good writing in there too...thank, God for chat challenges!

Ack! Now that I write that all out, it seems so...MUCH! I think I was better off in the dark about what I do each month. LOL. Of course, the laundry is still in the dryer and I'm afraid to check under the furniture for fear of killer dust bunnies.

Congrats on the release of Everything Forbidden. I'd love to have you as a guest at Sandra's Goings On. Drop me a line if you're interested.

Sandy :-)
Sandra Barkevich - Romance Author
*November 24, 2007 at Sandra's Goings On – Guest Blogger, Sharon Cullen ~ Night Song

12:20 PM  

Blogger Stacy S said:

Wow! You've been busy! I love the holidays. And the shopping the day after ( my dh thinks I'm crazy for doing that). I haven't read any of your JM books, but will pick up this new one. It sounds pretty good.

1:20 PM  

Blogger Helen said:

You really have been busy Jenna I loved Seduction Is Forever and I have read Everything Forbidden and recomend everyone get it, it is absolutley fantastic so hot and such a wonderful read.
October here in Australia is really starting warm up means relaxing in the AC reading good books.
Have Fun

3:11 PM  

Blogger Mary Castillo said:

I'm looking forward to NaNoMo and Thanksgiving and making gifts for my family and friends. AND looking forward to reading your new books!

Mary C.

4:19 PM  

Blogger JennaPetersen said:

Sure Sandy! I'd love to! Just email me at my jenna@jennapetersen.com address and we'll set it up.

StacyS -- Hope you'll like EF! I think if you like my JP stuff, you'll like it. :)

And Helen, I forgot that winter here is summer for you. Are you looking forward to the warm weather and vacations?

4:20 PM  

Blogger JennaPetersen said:

Thanks MaryC!! You're a sweetheart. :)

4:21 PM  

Blogger Helen said:

Yes Jenna I am looking forward to the Christmas break I have two beautiful grandchildren whom I love to spoil at Crissy time.
Have Fun

4:36 PM  

Blogger Erika said:

Thanksgiving, Kate? You're...Canadian.

4:38 PM  

Blogger Kathryn S said:

Yes, but I live in the US now -- and I was in New Jersey for our Thanksgiving -- so I'm forced to celebrate the US one. It's a hardship, let me tell you. Usually I try to celebrate both...

Look, it's just another excuse to eat turkey and gravy, okay? I like those. :-)

5:33 PM  

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8:28 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Jess/Jenna, congrats on the release of EVERYTHING FORBIDDEN!! Woo-hoo!! I am soooooo looking forward to getting my copy and diving in!!


10:39 AM  

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