As an erotic romance author, one of the first questions people like to ask me is, “What kind of research do you do?”

They then proceed to rub their hands together in eager anticipation as though expecting me to tell them all about my forays into underground sex clubs and all the delicious "acts" in which I partake.

Since my husband is both morally and actively against me going to such extreme measures for research, my fact finding missions are conducted through the internet.

But even that kind of research can get me into trouble...

I was searching for pictures of "hot" guys to put up on my blog--inspiration for a new character I was creating, of course. One of the links led me to...let's just call it, an “Adult-only” site. Before I realized what had happened, I had infected my computer with a Trojan Virus.

My husband called his friend, who just happens to be a computer scientist where he works.  My husband read the name of the virus, then he heard his friend chuckle.

My husband asked what was so funny and his friend tells him that that virus is only picked up on “Adult-only” sites. Without even explaining to his friend why I would be on such a site, my husband simply said, “Yes, that would be, Cathryn!”

So, of course, now his friend (who doesn't even know I'm a writer) thinks I prowl "Adult-only" sites. Which of course, I don't.  Not really.  Okay, not often, anyway.

In my upcoming Avon Red book, PLEASURE EXCHANGE, scientist Sam York and reporter Cat Nichols find themselves in all kinds of trouble when they decide to engage in a little human research on his latest experiment--a female libido enhancer.

In the name of science and journalistic investigation, suddenly nothing is taboo.  But what happens when Sam and Cat's sizzling, sensual pleasure game starts to turn into the real thing?

Cathryn Fox


Blogger Annie Mac said:

What a beautiful cover Cathryn. It looks fun and hot

5:55 PM  

Blogger Cathryn Fox said:

Thanks Annie! I love the colors.

9:06 AM  

Blogger Wally Banners said:

very sexy pic of bra being undone super sweet.

7:40 PM  

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