Wouldn't you rather just forget high school all together? I know, I know, there are some people out there who think high school was just the best time of their lives. Who are these people and why am I so suspicious of them?

For me, high school was a daily ordeal: not only did I have to wake up ridiculously early every morning (homeroom began at 7:30am!!), I spent my days plotting how to get out of gym class (if you volunteered to do a lap around the track you could sail off thru the trees at the far end and disappear for 50 minutes). Some people were having a good time...I think: the cheerleaders, class leaders, prom queens, and a girl named Shari whose hair made a perfect Farrah Flip. Those people were not me.

Well, for those of you who would rather walk over hot coals than turn up to a high school reunion, there's TEARS OF A CLASS CLOWN by Sara Faith Alterman. What I love about this book is that though there is an invitation to the reunion that sets the story in motion, this ISN'T a story of going back to that decorated gym and discovering that everyone was pretty nice after all.

Check out Sara Faith's WEBSITE, too, and become completely overwhelmed at how much she's done before 30.

Oh, and if anyone out there liked high school, please tell me why. Enquiring minds need to know!



Blogger krissyinva said:

I enjoyed high school, I wasn't really into extra-curricular activities. The work wasn't that hard and for the most part you got to hang out with friends all day. I wasn't popular, but a little on the quiet side. Where else do you get to go 5 days a week and have great friends every where you go?? Yes I couldn't wait to graduate, but I was very sad when I did, I missed everybody!!My 10yr HS reunion is next year, not sure if I'm going to go though.

10:01 AM  

Blogger Devonna said:

I can't say that I really liked high school ~ Like a good wine, I think I've gotten better with age :-)

My 20-year is coming up next year and I'm still trying to decide whether or not I want to go. I stay in touch with the people I want to ~ the others, I just went to school with and I'm not sure I want to spend any time with them at all.

9:22 PM  

Blogger Canadian Mom said:

I hated highschool, my husband on the other hand was Mr Popular...and I was miss loser LOL. Funny how things turn out.

I think I am going to check out this book. Thanks for the tip.

10:38 AM  

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