I spent the weekend recovering from the week I spent recovering from RWA. I had used up the last of my energy on being gracious about our No Rita Shut Out, when what I really wanted to do was scream "WE WAS ROBBED!" and, then, run to the bar. There, that's the last I'm mentioning RWA until next year! I promise.

I'll just talk about my book of the day REALITY TV BITES by Shane Bolks (She was robbed!!!). OK, until recently I scorned both The Bachelor and Bachelorette; The Real World has been dead to me for years (too many scantily clad youngsters exploring their new-found sensuality). The Littlest Groom was the last straw (and, yes, that was Fox!). But I am addicted to PROJECT RUNWAY. Every time that Tim Gunn says "Make it work" I just beam with happiness. And the episode where each got to create an outfit for "their" model and a little doggie sent me over the moon. Click HERE.



Blogger Jenna Petersen said:

Oh, Project Runway!! Project Runway!! The. Best. Show. EVER. I love it. I love the creative aspects of it and the over the top aspects of it. I love Tim Gunn. It's just fun, fun, fun!

But actually I ALWAYS like reality shows that take contestants on a journey toward a career that is hard to break into on their own (hm, I wonder why....:). I'm always amazed by how focused some become, versus how some utterly drop the ball. I always want to scream, "Someone is handing you your dream!! Can't you just muster up enough enthusiasm to TRY??".

Okay, sometimes I DO scream it. The poor cats... not to mention my poor husband.

10:12 AM  

Blogger krissyinva said:

I also love Project Runway and Tim Gunn!! My favorite Tim line is "I don't get it" because sometimes I don't get it either. It is always fun to see what they can create that quickly, and sometimes I can't believe who they booted off.

10:59 AM  

Blogger Mary Castillo said:

Am I the biggest nerd for admitting that I'm addicted to the Food Network? Bobby Flay is totally hot and I watch his show to research the hero in my next book.

3:21 PM  

Anonymous Shane Bolks said:

Maybe I need to start watching this Project Runway show. I keep hearing that it's so good. You know what I've found myself watching? Hell's Kitchen. Please tell me someone else watches this because I'm almost embarrassed. It's such a mean show. I don't think I've ever heard so many bleeps in primetime. But I keep watching it!

And thanks, Lucia, for saying I was robbed :-) I heard you behind me cheering when they announced my name and book. Win or lose, that moment was a total rush.

11:32 AM  

Blogger Mary Castillo said:

Shane, if I watch Food Network then you have no reason to be embarassed!

Mary C.

1:33 PM  

Blogger krissyinva said:

Shane I watch Hell's kitchen too! Yes it is a mean show sometimes, but at least when the people dining in Hell's Kitchen get their food it is going to be perfection because Chef Ramsey won't settle for less. I also caught another show with Chef Ramsey in it, I think it was on BBC, where Gordon Ramsey goes into restaurants that need help and re-organizes everthing, the menu, the staff, etc. In that show I think you really got to see more of his personality.

9:54 AM  

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