My nephew turns seven today. Seven! I realize that he is not, in actuality, all grown up. But he’s so old! Every time I talk to him, I’m always amazed at how much he’s changed. And when I see him—forget it. They live in California, so I only see him once or twice a year. Let’s just say, he’s the tallest seven-year old ever. He’s probably going to be 6’5” once he’s fully grown. Hanging out with him is such a blast, especially when I see glimpses of my brother in him. Granted, a lot of those glimpses turn up in how he reacts to being told he can’t do something (not…well), but I find it fun all the same. And seeing my brother suffer a little makes me feel better about all the things he put me through when we were younger.

What’s the point, other than my nephew is the coolest? Well, what I love about watching my nephew grow up is seeing bits and pieces of his parents. And I realized that is a big part of my favorite romances—and the plot I love to see my favorite authors take up. Johanna Lindsey did it with A LOVING SCOUNDREL (the hero is the son of GENTLE ROGUE’s hero). And I love the opposite too—when an author goes back in time, as Stephanie Laurens did in The Promise in a Kiss.

How about you? Are there any children from your favorite books that you’re just dying to see grow up? Or someone’s past that you think definitely should be told? There must be some characters who stick with you, even if their stories haven’t been told—yet!