By Sophie Jordan

An Innocent Deception . . .

Lady Meredith Brookshire has every right to Oak Run. Now that she's suddenly husbandless and penniless, where else would she, her addled father, and spinster aunt reside? Yet who should appear but Nicholas Caulfield, the new Brookshire heir, claiming the estate is rightfully his by law. The brute is as arrogant as he is handsome. Besides, he's supposed to be dead. And the only plan resourceful Meredith can devise to save her family from homelessness is a desperate scheme that may lead her to salvation or ruin . . . and the bed of the man she has vowed to hate.

A reluctant aristocrat, Nick does not trust this fiery, infuriating chit whom he suspects of subterfuge, yet who bewitches him with her innocent green eyes. The sooner he can get this tempting beauty married off to some stodgy old blueblood-and off his hands for good-the better. There is one slight problem, however:

Nick can't bear the thought of her wedding any man but him.

ISBN13: 9780061122200; ISBN: 0061122203; Imprint: Avon; On Sale: 07/25/2006; Format: Mass Market PB; Trimsize: 4 3/16 x 6 3/4; Pages: 384; $5.99

Question for the Weekend:

I don't want to give away too much of the plot of ONCE UPON A WEDDING, but there is a wonderful twist involving a baby. In all my years as an editor, I've come to one conclusion: romances involving babies always seem to capture readers' imaginations.

What is it about a baby in a love story that is so appealing?



Blogger Sylvia Day said:

I love this cover! :)

10:51 AM  

Anonymous Shana Galen said:

Readers love babies? Really....(furiously taking notes). Truthfully, I don't know if what appeals to me about this book is the baby. I think what appeals is the dramatic irony--the fact that we know a secret the hero doesn't regarding that baby. The baby alone doesn't do it for me.

10:20 AM  

Blogger Terri said:

Absolutely gorgeous cover, and who doesn't love babies? I think the appeal is that they represent (for many women) a big part of the 'happily ever after' fantasy.

You know, "You and me, and baby makes three". :)

5:08 PM  

Blogger Jenna Harte said:

Personally, I don't like babies in romance stories unless its an epilogue showing 2 years later. Being a mom, I know babies change everything. Not that they are bad. But the stuff we love about romance is difficult to make happen with babies.


2:32 PM  

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