By Margo Maguire

Her life is in the hands of a man she dares not love...

Lady Isabel Louvet is a woman of noble birth, wit, courage, and beauty. But, though these qualities make her an excellent bride, they cannot save her when, on the night she was meant to choose a groom, wild Scottish brigands storm the walls of her father's castle. As what should be a celebration turns to terror and bloodshed, Isabel is carried away from her family to be offered to a Scottish chieftain as a slave...or worse.

But unbeknownst to Isabel, she has a champion, a feared warrior and knight of legend named Anvrai d'Arques. His visage bears the scars of battle, but his heart remains pure in its devotion to country and king -- that is, until he sets out to rescue Isabel. Her fierce spirit of survival stirs his passion more than combat ever could, and with her touch his world forever shifts. Now, with the Scottish on their heels and a country on the brink of war, they must go forth in battle together -- to save themselves, to protect their countrymen, and to find a love that can set them both forever free.

ISBN13: 9780060837143; ISBN: 0060837144; Imprint: Avon; On Sale: 12/27/2005; Format: Mass Market PB; Trimsize: 4 3/16 x 6 3/4; Pages: 384; $5.99

Conversation starter: The eye patch--pro or con? Discuss!



Anonymous Anonymous said:

love your site, not much my style but think it has some real value for those interested in romance books!
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8:39 PM  

Blogger Terri said:

I like the eye patch. :) It couldn't possibly say 'wounded hero' any plainer. Don't we all want to be the woman who can see past a man's flaws to the true man within? Sure didn't hurt Gerry Butler in his role as the Phantom of the Opera...

12:27 PM  

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