If you’ve been thrilling to the Stanley Cup Finals, (surely someone out there is watching hockey! Game 7 is tonight.) here’s a book for you! (Click on the picture for book info.)

Rachel Gibson has not only had some funny things said to her, she even gets gifts! Says Rachel…

"Readers have sent me cool stuff like hockey pucks and t-shirts. MooseJaw Mountaining sent me a sweatshirt. I've received maps and bookmarks, but the most bizarre was a pair of silver plated salad tongs. Why someone would send salad tongs---don't know."

In the meantime, I’ve been flipping back and forth from baseball to soccer (known to the rest of the world as football). It struck me that some of those soccer players are mighty cute! But sports heroes are seldom in the Romance Hero Hall of Fame. Rachel does write about hockey, and Susan Elizabeth Phillips has, famously, written about the “Chicago Stars” football team.

But while sports keeps (at least some of) us glued to the television, why doesn’t it translate to romance? And it can’t be the challenge of a checkered past, since many heroes aren’t exactly poster children for faithfulness…


Blogger Adele G said:

Mmm, I love SEP's football heroes... Probably my fave is Cal Bonner (I think I got the name right) in Nobody's Baby But Mine - he's the thinking woman's sport star hero.

But I'm willing to be open-minded about hockey players, and I've read a couple of yummy motorsport heroes recently too...

Maybe it's harder to write a sporting hero whom the average woman would actually like - maybe there's a danger of creating one- or two-dimensional characters, of getting caught up in the sporting celebrity side of the guy. Portraying out the "whole man" is surely easier with, say, your average millionaire... Or even your not-so-average scientist, as Suzanne McPherson did to great effect.

That's what I like about Susan Elizabeth Phillips - she shows the reader the full character of her sport stars.

4:34 AM  

Anonymous Natty said:

I have to admit a real weakness to the Rachel Gibson Hockey-related books, oh and I read Deidre Martin too... are there any more Hockey-related stories out there I wonder? As it's only hockey that I am really partial too. lol Strange I know, it's not like they even show it over here in the UK! But man, The Trouble With Valentine's Day was my first one, and I ain't looked back.... I think it must be a winter sports thing... even skiing and all that jazz would work...

4:23 PM  

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