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Questions for discussion:

Everyone who reads romance knows the popularity of certain types of stories--strong heroes (the more dissolute the better!), marriages of convenience, and, oddly enough, amnesia. And whether we like it or not, putting the word "bride" or "wedding" in a title never hurts sales!

But what's the story with governesses? Why do readers find them so appealing? And, believe me, they do! Is it the fantasy of the powerless woman gaining the ultimate power--the love of a strong man? Is it our love of the underdog? Or is is that we get to see someone who is slogging away for a living end up able to escape all that and live in blissful comfort by the end of the story? Do tell!


Blogger Camy Tang said:

Oh my gosh I love governess stories. It's the Cinderella story all over again, plus governesses are smart and they often love to read.

I prefer the governess stories where the heroine is a little older--more to relate to, I guess--and mature. That calmness ruffled by a dashing hero is Swoon City.


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