By Gayle Callen

Who is this man?

The Duke of Thanet may have hired her as a governess to his six-year-old son, but there is something . . . different about the devilish rogue standing before her today. He seems to study her with an intensity she never noticed before, and he is certainly more charming than the last time they encountered each other. Was there always an alluring glint in his dark eyes? But the duke has a notoriously scandalous reputation, and Meriel will not let herself succumb.

Masquerading as the duke was not the simple solution Richard O'Neill had envisioned. When his ailing half-brother, the real duke, asked him to protect his young heir from a greedy enemy, Richard agreed. But he never thought he'd be attracted to the inquisitive governess, or that each moment in her intoxicating presence would tempt him beyond all reason. And letting down his guard could prove dangerous . . . especially to Richard's own heart.

ISBN13: 9780060784126; ISBN: 0060784121; Imprint: Avon; On Sale: 06/27/2006; Format: Mass Market PB; Trimsize: 4 3/16 x 6 3/4; Pages: 384; $6.99


Anonymous Don said:

What is the appeal of romance books exactly? I know that a lot of women like them, but do you like them for the fantasies or for the possibility that something like it can happen. I don't deny there is a lot of romance book fans out there, and some of the stories can be great, but this reminds of me of the woman I know who spent her entire days reading romance novels....very depressing.

12:15 AM  

Blogger Kathryn S said:

Don, there's always the possibility of romance -- it's in our very nature as humans. Fantasies? I suppose. I think these wonderful heroes we create are worthy of dreaming about. :-) Romances are about two people overcome great obstacles to find each other and happiness.

People read for enjoyment, right? I don't think romance readers read for the 'possibilities' any more than someone reading a Star Wars book hopes a Sith Lord will show up at his door or to be sent on a mission to save the world. Nice to dream about yourself doing, but you know it's not going to happen. Except, the lovely thing about love is that everyone is capable of feeling it.

And Don, you may notice all the books shown here are Avon books -- it's a promotional blog. The people behind it do spend their days reading romance, but their editors. That's not depressing at all, is it? :-)

12:00 PM  

Blogger AvonRomance said:

As always Kate knows the truth! But Don, would you have asked this question to a mystery reader, or a science fiction reader? I sometimes think there is an assumption that women can't possibly know the difference between fantasy and reality. And that's just silly, isn't it?

Some women also find men who sit around and watch sports all day depressing.

4:27 PM  

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