By Mimi Smartypants

Just who is this Mimi Smartypants, anyway?

She's 30 (but looks younger), 5'1" (but looks taller). She's never faced a situation she couldn't comment about -- especially online! She lives in Chicago with her husband, LT, and her large cat, The Cat -- not to be confused with Kat (female friend, good for fashion advice, philosophical discussions, and getting into trouble in bars). She's never had a cavity and likes to look in other people's medicine cabinets. She's witty, urbane, outrageous, an international sensation; she's got a unique, smartypants take on ordinary life and its rampant surreality. And absolutely nothing is sacred or taboo -- not men, marriage, beer, religion, sex, marital aids, or motherhood.

Get ready world -- because Mimi's going to explain it all to you!

ISBN13: 9780060786366; ISBN: 0060786361; Imprint: Avon; On Sale: 12/27/2005; Format: Trade PB; Trimsize: 5 5/16 x 8; Pages: 256; $12.95


Anonymous Anonymous said:

Spell check! It's cheap and free. Hard to take a "professional" blog seriously with out it.

4:50 PM  

Blogger The Newsbitch said:

To 'anonymous' - where are the spelling errors in this post? For I cannot see any.

I love the design on this blog - I'm currently against you on BOTB and decided to pop in and have a read! I've got this book, but with the UK cover, and it is actually very good. Apparently she was one of the first big bloggers, hence her publishing deal. Definitely worth a read!

11:34 AM  

Blogger Dramedy Girl said:

I couldn't find any spelling errors either. Got to love those "Anon" people.

Anyway, love this cover! I'm putting this on my wishlist!

12:10 PM  

Blogger AvonRomance said:

So glad you like Mimi. She really was one of the first 'big' bloggers, which is how we found out about her. In fact, as her editor, I'm still sworn to secrecy about her true identity. Her blog, and her adventures, continue.

Oh, and Anonymous, thanks for pointing out the typos. Sometimes mistakes will happen, but of course we don't like typos, either, and we did make the corrections. Usually, when someone is the first to point out something like this, I find a way to do something nice--like send them a free book--but since you remain anonymous...

3:52 PM  

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