By Jacquie D'Alessandro

Sutton, is in need of a wife--a demure proper English paragon to provide him with an heir...everything Alexandra Larchmont is not. Alex is brazen, outspoken, and, worst of all, a fortuneteller. Colin knows there's more to her than meets the eye particularly when he spies her making a hasty escape through a second floor window. She's obviously up to something and he's determined to discover what--if only he doesn't lose his heart to this most unsuitable lady.

ISBN13: 9780060779412; ISBN: 0060779411; Imprint: Avon ; On Sale: 7/25/2006; Format: Mass Market PB; Trimsize: 4 3/16 x 6 3/4; Pages: 384; $6.99; Ages: 12 and Up

Here's the question
What's the least ladylike thing you've ever done?



Blogger Evanne said:

This is easy - but promise you won't tell - okay? Using the mens room - I was deserate.;)

3:11 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I'd tell you but then I'd have to kill you. :)

Ok, here's my confession: I was very naughty with a stranger over the Internet, and it was fun! Total anonymity, cyber sex only, no strings attached, fun. Then I blocked him. And that was fun, too. :)

6:48 PM  

Blogger Devonna said:

Hmm...well, that would be when I was in my 20's. I went to a concert with my boyfriend at the time....I hadn't met his family yet, but he'd told me he'd been "raving" about me because I was a "lady" and he felt like he would one day "take me home to meet his family".

Well, at the concert my boyfriend kept feeding me tap beer. Ok, mind you, I was young, I'd skipped dinner, more than likely I'd skipped lunch, and now I was drinking. Well, long story short I got completely inebriated. And then I met his sister.

Completely drunk, completely stupid and I completely dropped the F-bomb frequently. What is it they say about first impressions? Luckily, she didn't hold it against me and we became good friends. But what a way to meet the family.


9:54 PM  

Anonymous CDMorgan said:

Um Ms Jacquie D - where is your confession?

10:38 PM  

Blogger Jenna Petersen said:

Well, I've thought and thought for days, but I cannot think of any unladylike thing that I'd want to repeat. So I suppose all my unladylike activities have been very unladylike indeed. So, as anonymous said, I'd tell you, but I'd have to kill you.

I do like a slightly unladylike heroine. Someone who is bolder, perhaps digs herself into a trouble a bit. :) Someone entirely wholesome isn't a lot of fun.


9:38 PM  

Anonymous Jacquie D said:

Hey! I just found this place! I can't believe y'all were having fun without me--what's up with THAT??!!
As for me, I can't think of a single unladylike thing I've ever done. Nope. Not one thing. Ever. Uh huh. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. That's why I created my Never a Lady heroine--so I could live the unladylike life vicariously through her.
Jacquie D--who will be wearing her poofy, ladylike Princess dress along with her ladylike Princess shoes at RWA
PS--Erika, do you have a "thing" for Harrison Ford? My "thing" is for Gerard Butler. And Colin Firth. And Hugh Grant. Okay--guys with accents.

11:26 AM  

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