I survived! I made it through. Granted, it was only two and a half days, but still! I triumphed. Okay, okay. This wasn’t actually a marathon, although there were certainly times when it felt like it.

My first stint at RWA was a brief one—just Thursday through Saturday—which also means that it was jam-packed. After landing around 3 on Thursday afternoon, I met a number of authors at a lovely tea party, then went to the amazing Margaret Mitchell House event Lucia wrote about earlier (scroll down). Friday and Saturday were non-stop, running from one Avon event to another, heading to one conference event after another, and occasionally eating. And sleeping. (Although not at the same time; that tends to get messy.)

RWA was my first time meeting most of Avon’s authors, not to mention seeing authors from other houses (I stood about five inches away from Nora Roberts. That was…yeah. I can’t really talk about it. I may have to go lie down now.). While it was, at times, just a little bit overwhelming, everyone was so nice and welcoming that I always had fun. And the readers! You guys are incredible. I’ve always read romance, but I never knew this community of people existed before I started working at Avon. Now all I can think about is all the years I could have gone to events like this. (Gayle Callen and Mary Reed McCall live in my neck of the woods!) I think it’s great that all of you are so on top of what’s going on with romance. It helps keep us on our toes, too!

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard on RWA—and now I’m off to start planning my outfits for next year. Oh, and, of course, I have to build that addition onto my apartment so I have space for all my new books.



Blogger Jenna Petersen said:

It was so fun to meet you Esi! And you looked so pretty at the Avon Family Dinner. I always feel like a rhino next to all you pretty, thin editors. LOL

10:22 AM  

Blogger Sylvia Day said:

I loved meeting you, Esi, and sitting next to you at dinner! :) Can't wait until we meet up again.

1:47 PM  

Anonymous Robyn DeHart said:

No one would ever guess you were a first timer, Esi. You handled the madness like a pro. And it was so lovely meeting you.

10:37 PM  

Anonymous Jacquie D'Alessandro said:

Never would have guessed it was your first time, Esi! If you were frazzled, it didn't show. Loved meeting you and I look forward to seeing you again soon!

12:28 PM  

Blogger TaraMetBlog said:

I covered RWA back in 2003 i think, when it was in NYC. I had to convince my editor that it was a good story and then set out to defend all romance readers. I was happy with the resulting article and it was fun interviewing the different authors. I think i left with two bags of books that I bought.

here's the link:

2:18 PM  

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