Here's Saturday's report from includes Friday!

Friday afternoon met for drinks with Rachel Gibson, whose THE TROUBLE WITH VALENTINE'S DAY won the Border's best award for Bestselling Romantic Comedy of the Year! Rachel was presented with the award today (Saturday) at lunch--it's a copy of the book enclosed in plexiglass. I always say it will withstand ANYTHING!

Friday night was the Avon Party aka THE AVON FAMILY DINNER, held at the beautiful 103 West. Avon author Sari Robins, an Atlanta resident, recommended the venue and it was amazing. After hitting the champagne bar (and the open bar!) we feasted on steak/salmon/chicken--and, for once, diners could tell the difference. The desert involved oozing chocolate. No one complained!

Many authors have promised they'll be sending photos once they're back home and back on line (LADIES YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!). I promise, the sight of the wonderful dresses will be worth the wait.

Afterwards, your fearless editor (and her editor compatriots) staggered back to the Ritz Carlton Downtown, and managed to snare a seat on the veranda of the "best place in downtown" the Atlantic Grill. We proceeded to indulge more. Rumors of visiting METS (who were in town playing the Braves) staying at the hotel were rampant. There were men there who looked like baseball players, but there was no David Wright sightings--luckily for David Wright, who might not have gotten out of there alive if May Chen had seen him!

Today, I managed to hoist myself to the Focus on Avon where we talked about "What we are looking for." Once again, I was asked about word count, but really we just want good books. At the risk of sounding like Miranda Winter in THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, "Is that too much to ask?"

Now, onto lunch. In front of 2000 people Yours Truly received the First Named VIVIAN STEPHENS INDUSTRY AWARD--Vivian was a trailblazer--I hope I live up to her standards. :)

Then, Christina Dodd (Avon author) took the stage for the luncheone speech. She inspired. She made us laugh and cry, and she told us a great Truman Capote story. Modestly dictates I don't repeat it here--perhaps, after the champagne I am sure to have tonight pre-Rita Awards, I will.

Well, I've officially graduated from high heels, to flats, to Keds--if I could wear them tonight at the gala award ceremony I would. But this is an event to which women wear BALL GOWNS.

I'm back to the fray now, to hold one last workshop (do you think anyone will turn up at 4:30 PM on the last day of the conference?) I suspect everyone has retired to the bar for beer, drinks, or a big glass of diet Coke. I never got to the Atlanta Dinarama, or to the Largest Aquarium in the world--I'll have to return to Atlanta for some fun.

Rita report later (though it might be late!).



Blogger krissyinva said:

Thanks for the update!! I can't wait to see the pictures, Have a great time!!

6:36 PM  

Blogger Santa said:

Hi! This is my first time posting here! I know, where have I been?

I have on good authority that this conference has been awesome. Everyone is on pins and needles to see if more of our favorite Avon authors have won honors!

Have a grand time at the RITAs! Wildly waving to all my fav Avon authors!


10:42 PM  

Blogger Sylvia Day said:

It was wonderful meeting you, Lucia, and I agree, the Red breakfast was too fun!

1:49 PM  

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