We promised some pictures!

First, right before the RWA conference in Atlanta, Stephanie Laurens came to visit the Morrow/Avon offices in New York City, and, after a day being wined and dined by the entire office, (and talking about work in between!), everyone celebrated. Stephanie was toasted by her editor, Lucia Macro, and the Avon publisher, Liate Stehlik. She was also given a piece of original art--framed, and signed by the artist Doreen Menudo--from the latest Stephanie Laurens book, TO DISTRACTION.

Here's Lucia receiving her industry award! She didn't know she was supposed to give a speech until moments before going on stage. Apparently whatever she said was good, because she's gotten compliments on it ever since--but she really doesn't remember. It was a blur, and also an honor. (In the background is Gayle Wilson, President, RWA)