AIRWOLF – Jan-Michael Vincent lived in seclusion, refused to hand over a top secret government super duper helicopter, and battled bad guys. My favorite part was the helicopter--Airwolf--coming out of the mountain.

BATTLE OF THE PLANETS - This American dubbed Japanese cartoon featured a group of 5 teens who defended Earth in an awesome fighter plane called "Phoenix" that turns into fire.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA – I’m talking about the 1970s version. Now that was a ragtag group of survivors. And Dirk Benedict. Sigh.

BRADY BUNCH – Really, what’s not to love about a family who always got along? No matter the problem, they always pulled together at the last minute for a happy ending.

CHARLIE'S ANGELS – I think this is every girl’s favorite TV show. Very empowering.

DUKES OF HAZZARD – My family and I would gather every Friday night to tune in to this campy CBS show. I was more in the Tom Wopat camp, while most girls my age were in the John Schneider camp.

MANIMAL – Not very many of you will remember this short-lived show about a doctor who can shape shift, usually into a hawk or panther, and chases down criminals.

THE JEFFERSONS – I learned what “honky” meant.

V – The mini-series, not the actual series. How excited am I for the upcoming remake!

VOYAGERS – A pirate and an orphan travel through time to correct history. Yes, this was how I learned American history.


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