A Book That's About A Summer Vacation

Because I'm determined to have as much fun in the sun as I can this summer, in August I'm taking off for Cape Cod with my sister and her family. Even though it's pretty close to New York, I've never been to the Cape, so I'm really looking forward to this.

The great thing about renting a beach house anywhere is that you don't have to do a thing but 1) sit on the beach and 2) sit on the deck. And, in between times staring out at the waves, it's always good go have a book.

One that I can highly recommend this summer is Georgia Bockoven's BEACH HOUSE, which is set in Santa Cruz, not Cape Cod, is a perfect book to have while you're doing all that sitting. The idea is simple: one house, one summer, and three unforgettable stories. Who could resist?

But because I was the editor of BEACH HOUSE, I've (obviously) already read it. I need some serious beach reading recommendations for next month--please send them now!


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