Young love. The memories. The nostalgia of that cute, tanned boy with the fast boat that summer at the lake... Or the sweet boy at camp with the science kit, the nerdy glasses and the endearing smile... Or the smoking hot boy across the tracks with the motorcycle, the fake ID and the Dean Winchester grin...

Sometimes, nostalgia is blissful in a sigh-worthy, "ahhhhhh..." kind of way. And, sometimes, it slices and cuts with recrimination over the one who got away. FOR THE EARL'S PLEASURE is the latter sort of book. A story where a decade in the past everything went horribly wrong for two people on the verge of adulthood and they've been trying to recover (and forget their other half) ever since.

When extreme circumstances occur, a narrow chance at reconciliation, redemption and a love that has always blazed hotly is set into motion. Of course, sometimes that means skirting the angel of death...some people just can't get a break...

Any nostalgia for something fun in your youth? During your coming of age? Hailing Judy Blume? :) Thinking about a summer fling or a fun flirtation?

Anne Mallory


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