Sylvia: Halloween is almost here!

It's one of the funnest holidays of the year and the herald to the arrival of Thanksgiving and Christmas/Kwanza/Hanukkah/etc. While the last two holidays of the year focus on grounding us and connecting us to our roots, Halloween is a flighty, naughty holiday where we can be anyone but ourselves.

We can fly faster than a speeding bullet, swordfight on the decks of a pirate ship, save the universe, or cast a mischievous spell (which is exactly what happens in MAGIC AND MAYHEM--a Halloween spell gone deliciously awry). We can also eat a TON of chocolate! What's not to love?

Cathy: What's not to love indeed! Especially the dressing up part.

Each year, I have an "adults only" party where dressing up is a must. Those who come dressed in costumes that are completely out of character win the biggest prizes. I love to make wild elaborate costumes for my parties and I've been everything from a wanton seductress (yes, Sylvia, that's out of character for me!) to a playboy bunny.

Sylvia: You're never too old to dress up and have fun. The costume parties at the Romantic Times Convention prove that! Plus your parties, Cathy. What are you dressing up as this year?

Cathy: This year, hubby is going as a firefighter and I'm a match. I have a tight, skin-colored bodysuit costume with a red hat. If I start a fire, I sure hope hubby is there with his hose...

What about you, blog readers? Do you love dressing up? What's your costume this year?

Sylvia Day
Cathryn Fox