This book is Erika's, but, it's so cute, I wanted to post about it anyway.

It's all about Chloe, a goddess who gets a lousy performance review and is tossed off Mount Olympus and ends up on earth as a wedding planner.

I got to thinking about performance reviews. Have you ever gotten told something completely wacky on your review?

I was once told on my review that I didn't dress well enough! (I realize now I was still a little collegiate, but this was all on a whopping $13,500/year.)

Sadly, no book publishing house has the Conde' Nast equivalant of the famous fashion closet, and now that girls are wearing flip flops to the White House, I guess that sort of comment won't fly any more.


Blogger Chantal said:

Hehe, that does sound cute. I'll look for it.

12:46 PM  

Anonymous C~ said:

I was actually told by one of my profs in college that I made her nervous, because I seemed so confident that she felt she couldn't teach me anything. I was 18 and like, HUH?

Good grief. LOL

6:31 PM  

Anonymous Sexii Bradley said:

If you really made it by with only that much money I am very impressed by you. Like seriously, that doesn't leave much for the wardrobe.

2:41 AM  

Anonymous Michelle said:

Ugh Romance books!!! Makes women look no better than the average playboy reading male.

7:08 PM  

Blogger ChilledBeer said:

hmm..ur blog is nothing more than a soft-porn novel review isnt it?
surprising how i lose to you in battle of the blogs !!!!

5:36 PM  

Anonymous Michelle said:

LOL@ chilldedbeer

5:12 PM  

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