I Don't Believe what I just saw.

Ok, I don't know if any of you are baseball fans. And, if you are, I don't know if you're Yankee fans.

But if you're any kind of sports fan (or live with any kind of sports fan), you've probably heard about what Alex Rodriguez is doing. 12 homers in 16 games, with two game winning homers. It's...unheard of (I think...I'm not that big a baseball freak).

Check this out: A-Rod even wrote a Kids' Book!

The point is, while obviously I love books, I love my Yankees just as much. So much so that I went to a game (with Tessa) on April 3rd--in the snow! And got frostbite. And they lost. But still! Love!

Outside of reading all our wonderful books, what can't you live without?


Blogger hotdogman said:

I guess A-Fraud is reaching his intellectual peers with that book.

Too bad he couldn't come through in the clutch against the Red Sox...NOT!

Any parent who buys this book for their child should be convicted of child abuse! GO RED SOX!

1:00 AM  

Blogger QueenieCarly said:

It really is amazing what people will buy when it has a celebrity name attached. I'm saying that as a general statement, not pointed at A-Rod in the least. Hey, if you can get away with it, why not? I'm sure there are plenty of little people who'll be thrilled to get their hands on a copy.

I can't live without football. The off season's half over and I'm just lucky that the draft is next weekend. Hopefully that'll tide me over for a while.

And rock shows. Love 'em.

2:34 AM  

Blogger Steve Kenul said:

Nice to see a fellow Yankees fan. I missed the chance for that book signing but I heard some one tried to throw a baseball at him as to mock him for his poor fielding last year. The heckler somehow hit the ceiling and was taken away.
And yes, 13 home runs at this point in the season is extraordinary.
Don't mind hotdogman, he's a Red Sox fan still riding on his 2004 title.

8:29 PM  

Blogger EC said:

WTG Hotdog man - you tell him!

Although I can appreciate him for what he is doing, and although not unheard of, it is quite impressive, I still won't buy his book, lol.

Go Sox!!

2:58 PM  

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