Well, I wish the cover they used here wasn't some other publisher's book, but apparently the New York Post (which is part of Newscorp, which owns Harpercollins, which owns Avon) has announced that the "recent" crop of hockey novels are making female fans swoon. Check it out!

(What is that mention of Fabio, though--he hasn't been on a cover in ages, and he sure never posed in hockey gear.)

Hey, let's push our very own Rachel Gibson's hockey novels.

My favorite of her hockey books is SEE JANE SCORE.

I thought a hockey puck on the cover would be cute, but instead we got these lips...

And her VERY FIRST book was a hockey book--and look at the cover.

It was one of the first of the cartoon covers, which for a while were all the rage.

The hockey association says they're thrilled--and why shouldn't they be? Hockey players are the most unsung heroes of sports. Hockey isn't considered as glamorous as baseball, or as popular as basketball, or as money-making as football...but hockey stars need love, too! And anyway, they may have the greatest logos ever. My favorite remains the angry Pittsburgh Penguin. Here he is: I just can't resist him.


Blogger Nike said:

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Blogger Erin said:

When I was in junior high, there was talk of changing the Pens logo to a more abstract-looking penguin and I started a petition to stop it. Of course, no one cared about some 12 year old's petition, and they went ahead with the new logo.

It was UGLY and so...sterile looking.

I cheered when they brought the old one back!

11:22 PM  

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