I know, this isn't about romance...

and, it's been over a week now...

and, I don't care if he's mean to Scary Spice .....

Eddie Murphy Was Robbed!!!!



Blogger mrsmogul said:

I didn;t see Dream Girls but I think he thought he was going to win which is why he left the place right after the announcement. Oh well who won? Oh yeah some grumpy old man that publicly said he didn;t want the little girl from Little Miss Sunshine to win Best actress. WHAT A DRIP!

6:23 PM  

Blogger plusultra said:

I think the real loser is his baby with spice girl Mel C (Scary Spice). What up with that?

2:20 AM  

Blogger Crichawk said:

I love the font you have used and the appearance is quite a pleasent one.keep it up.

11:23 PM  

Blogger The Randomness said:

well you should hae seen Dreamgirls and little Ms Sunshine to know he was robbed. They guy who got the Oscar dies 15 minutes into the movie and all he does is curse?? come on ...watch before u call someone a drip

2:58 PM  

Blogger Miss Trashahassee said:

I wuz thinkin' xactly the same thang so I wroted my feelins in 17 sillabals:

Eddie Murphy Oscar Disappointment Haiku

Miss Trashahassee

4:30 PM  

Blogger TaraMetBlog said:

I totally agree! Norbit hurt him though.

4:22 PM  

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