The other night, I did what people seem to think is a very New York thing to do, but in fact doesn't happen very often--I went skating at Rockefeller Center. I haven't done this since about 1999, and I forgot how fun (and slightly dangerous) it was. There were a lot of baby steps and arms flailing about, a great deal of laughing with the couple who fell down every time they tried to move, and general good cheer. (We also learned to beware the dangers of young children wearing sharp objects on slippery surfaces.) Overall, it was one of those great, silly, bonding outings that groups of women friends are known for.

Which got me thinking. I love my alpha heroes, but I gotta say, there's nothing better than a group of women kicking butt, taking names, and having a blast doing it. There are Jenna Petersen's LADY SPIES, Lisa Kleypas' WALLFLOWERS. And my new favorite, Laura Lee Guhrke's GIRL BACHELORS. In her latest, AND THEN HE KISSED HER, Laura has created a group of women who have no fear (well, maybe a few, tiny, fears) about being on their own and making their own way. You've got to check it out. Not only is it a fabulous book, but the excerpts from "Mrs. Bartleby's Advice to Girl Bachelors" are worth the price of admission right there.

And I'm sure I'm forgetting plenty of examples. What authors have you read who create really great women friends--in any genre? We love recommendations!