Pepsi or Coke: Coke. Although I once did a blind taste test and couldn't tell the difference, I still have a preference.

Piano or Guitar: Piano. I actually played for a very long time and I love it.

Bath or Shower: Definitely Bath. Much to the detriment of whatever book I happen to bring in with me as I have been known to drop them. Although I might have to change my opinion now that I use my e-reader because I won't just be able to blow it dry and keep reading.

Dogs or Cats: Dogs. I hope they don't take away my editor's pencil for saying that!

Coffee or Tea: Tea. Specifically, Lady Grey in the morning in my "morning mug," large-sized with an Oxford University Press logo from when I was an intern. Earl Grey when I get to work either in my Persuasion mug or my Devil Wears Tartan mug. Lady Grey decaf at night in my "night mug," a light blue RISD mug. And, it's completely different on the weekends. Please don't judge me for my routine problems...

STAR TREK or STAR WARS: STAR WARS, obviously. Not to knock the TREK, but nothing and no one beats Han Solo and Princess Leia. As long as it's the original cut because Greedo didn't shoot first!

Vegetables or Steak: Steak. Always steak. Though, for some reason, people often assume I'm a vegetarian. I'm not really sure why. Maybe those are the same people who think I'm from the south. Both assumptions make me cranky!

Blonde or Brunette: This is a very hard question for me. On one hand, brunette (sorry, Amanda!) because I am one and I certainly prefer dark-haired heroines, but, in my mind, this is an off-shoot of the Betty or Veronica question about which I have very decided opinions--definitely Betty and I still haven't forgiven Archie for choosing the wrong one.

Jane Austen or L. M. Montgomery: My head just exploded.


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I've read some of your blog posts (as well as your profile) and I would love to conduct an interview with you for the blog of I could not find your e-mail address, but please contact me at if you are interested.

Thank you for your time and keep reading (and writing!)


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