While it has little to do with romance (or, at least, with romance novels) it's no secret that Avon Romance Editor is obsessed with the OSCAR®. Or, rather, she is obsessed with finally winning the damn Office OSCAR® Pool. Last year, she was first runner-up, which does about as much good as winning Miss Congeniality in the Miss America Pageant or, perhaps, being voted as having Nicest Eyes in high school.

So for the record here are Avon Romance Editor's best guesses for OSCAR®.
Best Director: Ang Lee
Best Actress: Reese Witherspoon
Best Actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman
Best Supporting Actor: Jake No one can pronounce or say his last name will most likely win by a slim margin over Paul no one can spell last name.
Best Supporting Actress (also known as Best Actress generally playing a hooker or sainted character): Rachel Weisz (she is playing the latter)

Of course, they completely overlooked, yet again, Viggo Mortensen for Best Chistled Jaw In Subsquent Movies (all LORD OF THE RINGS plus A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE).