SEX WITH THE QUEEN is on sale today!

Believe it or not, this Avon Romance Editor also gets to edit books out of the romance genre! And one I'm particularly proud of is ELEANOR HERMAN's SEX WITH THE QUEEN. It's the follow-up to last year's SEX WITH KINGS. Yes, the royals throughout the centuries were having sex, but usually not with the people they were married to.

SEX WITH KINGS was originally called SEX WITH THE KING, but that made everyone think it was a book about having an affair with Elvis. It's really all about what it took to be a royal mistress. Trust me, it wasn't all jewels and furs.

You can tell from the cover that this isn't dull, dry, boring history. It's lively, it's fast-paced and, it's actually pretty funny in parts. I mean, these royals were all nuts! Years, no centuries, of inbreeding will do that to a family. Any princess with half a brain (and it seems like the women fared slightly better than the men when it came to holding off the crazies) really had to work hard to overcome an arranged marriage to a sniveling fool who was often deranged, toothless, and probably kind of smelly.

It's hardcover, but it's worth the price. I'll admit SEX WITH KINGS is now out in paperback, and if you wait a year the Queen will be, too. But open the wallet for SEX WITH THE QUEEN. You will not be disappointed.